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Jacqueline Harris: Lactating Companion

By Amelia P

Despite the fact that she’s only in her 20s, Jacqueline Harris has a flourishing career as a nurse practitioner and has been a violinist for over 20 years. Oh, and she’s a mother!

Jacqueline is a Pittsburgh-based independent companion who has been working in the industry for 18 months and is resetting the notion that you need to fit into just one box. Her advice for other companions trying to navigate motherhood? “Don’t listen to the naysayers. Only you know what’s best for you and your family. There are no perfect parents or people.”

Jacqueline let me in on how she began escorting, the large demand for lactation in the industry and how her photography hobby influences her escort photoshoots.

Where to find Jacqueline Harris:
Jacqueline’s website
Jacqueline’s Twitter
Jacqueline’s Instagram

Amelia: Hi Jacqueline! Could you start by introducing yourself to the readers?

Jacqueline Harris: I am an American healthcare professional, mum and companion. I have officially been a companion for a year and a half, but I have sugared on and off for a few years. Ideally, moving forward, I would love to be a full-time companion.

Amelia: I read on your website that you are a classically trained musician. That’s quite the career! How did you make the jump into escorting?

Jacqueline: Yes! I have been a violinist for a little over 20 years, but that is more of a hobby. My day to day career is as a nurse practitioner. I stumbled upon escorting by accident when I met a guy at a casino and took him to my room for what I thought was a casual hook-up. I woke up the next morning and he had left an envelope of cash on the nightstand! I’ve always known about escorts, but at the time I was still under the impression that it was different from sugaring (boy, was I wrong). I was also raised in an extremely religious household and struggled with it for quite some time.

Amelia: Ah, I can understand why you would struggle! That would be exceedingly difficult. There is enough internalised stigma to work through as it is, without adding religious ideals on top! You also describe yourself as a “lactating MILF”, which I absolutely love, and those photos of you with the breast pumps are 10/10. Can you speak a little bit about how you’ve navigated escorting and motherhood? Is there a big demand for lactation in the industry? 

Jacqueline: There is a very large demand for lactation in the industry. Roughly 88% of all inquiries leading up to my delivery were requests for lactation. It was quite surprising. It’s the kind of fetish that few are able to cater to. Even fewer provide this service in-person. 

As far as navigating, I’d like to think I’m pretty good at multitasking. Sex work is not my main focus right now, so that keeps me low volume, and I plan my weeks in advance to give me the most time at home with family. 

Amelia: 88% is a very specific amount! Are you a bit of a stats whiz?

Jacqueline: Absolutely! Organisation and planning are very important. When answering emails, I make notes about which photos are most effective, which ads gain more responses, the time of day I get the most emails, and the types of inquiries I receive. It helps me to know where I should direct my attention.

Amelia: I love that so much. You sound exactly like me. I have a spreadsheet for everything. Can I ask whether you worked while pregnant? And how you made that decision? 

Jacqueline: Yes, I worked while pregnant. It was not an easy decision as I received a lot of hate for it. I didn’t want stigma and the options of others to dictate how I lived my life. 

Amelia: I think it’s great that you did what is best for you. It would be incredibly difficult to navigate all the negative opinions and stigma out there. Is there any advice you would give to other providers who are trying to figure out how to manage being a mother while also escorting?

Jacqueline: Don’t listen to the naysayers. Only you know what’s best for you and your family. There are no perfect parents or people. 

Amelia: That’s great advice. I also noticed that you mention photography is a hobby of yours. How does this influence the way you approach photoshoots as an escort?

Jacqueline: I think so, but not always for the better when it comes to advertising! I often find that my favourite, most artistic shots are often the least “liked”.

Amelia: Ah yes, I can relate to that. For me, simple sexy shots always seem to be the most well received. Clients don’t seem to care about creative flair as much as I do! Last one for fun: How did you choose your escorting name?

Jacqueline: So, I wanted to choose a name that sounded relatively normal so it wouldn’t be suspicious. My family is from Haiti, and the creole language they speak sounds very similar to French. So, I chose a name that seemed like a classically elegant everyday name, but it’s also very pleasing to the ear when spoken with a French or creole accent. 

Where to find Jacqueline Harris:
Jacqueline’s website
Jacqueline’s Twitter
Jacqueline’s Instagram




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