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How To Get Longer Escort Bookings

By Amelia P

One question I’m asked a lot by new independent escorts is, “How do I get longer escort bookings?”

Maybe you’re in a similar boat.

Your escort business is thriving. You’re killing it with the one-hour escort bookings. Maybe sometimes you get a two- or three-hour booking. But what you really want to know how escorts get clients to book dinner dates, overnight dates and fly-me-to-yous.

You want to make the big bucks. I get it.

But before we dive into it, I want you to ask yourself a question–

Do you really want longer escort bookings? Or do you just feel as though that’s what you should be doing?

I think it’s worth stopping to consider this for a moment. If you’ve been on escort Twitter for longer than a hot minute, you’ll know that posting exotic vacation pics from a fly-me-to-you (with a Birkin bag or Cartier bracelet in the background) is all the rage. And if that’s what you want, I 100% support you to go and get it. But if you’re happy doing you’re one-hour 10am booking before having an afternoon with your cat, all the power to you as well.

The great thing about sex work is that there is so much flexibility. You can alter your booking types and work style to fit your life. And you SHOULD. Do what makes you happy, not what looks cool on Twitter.

With that said, if you’re wanting to grow your business by getting longer escort bookings, I’m here to help. Ready?

Tip #1: Mention Longer Escort Bookings Your Ads

Years ago, when I was first trying to grow my escorting business, I discussed this topic with a friend. I was complaining to her that I rarely got booked for dinner dates. “Do you mention dinner dates in your ad?” she asked. I scoffed in reply. What a dumb idea, I thought. Clients wouldn’t book a dinner date just because I wrote about it in my ad – every escort does that. Surely it wouldn’t work. You know where this story is going, right? 

Newsflash: I got WAY more dinner dates once I started talking about it in my ads.

But I do have a caveat to add to this. I don’t think writing “I like dinner dates” will have a significant impact. Remember, it’s not just about what you like – you want to be talking about what this will do for him. Paint a picture. Tell him what the evening will be like. Do you have a favourite restaurant? A favourite drink? What will you talk about at dinner? What will you wear? What’s so great about going on a dinner date? Describe the evening. You need to say more than just “I like extended dates” because when I read that, it just translates to “I like being paid bigger sums of money”.

Tip #2: Blog About Extended Escort Bookings

This goes along with painting a picture of what it will be like to go on a longer date with you. You can blog about what a specific experience might be like (e.g., “A Seaside Weekend With Alice”) or what he might get out of the date (e.g., “Why You Should Have A Lunch Date with Stephanie”).

You can also go the indirect route and blog about exciting adventures you’ve gone on recently – perhaps there’s an excellent restaurant you’ve dined at, a picnic you went on with a stunning view, a fun cabaret show or a long bike ride you enjoyed. Whatever it is, talk about it on your blog. Talking about your interests will give potential clients ways to connect with you outside of the bedroom, giving rise to longer dates.

Tip #3: Mention Longer Escort Dates To Your Current Clients

Again, when my friend suggested this to me, I rolled my eyes. But sometimes, simple methods are the most effective. Now, this doesn’t have to be a big production, and it doesn’t have to be awkward. A simple, “Have you ever had a threesome?” can be enough a prompt for a current client to book you and your bestie for a duo. And a “Have you ever tried Restaurant X?” can be a great conversation starter about dinner dates. Sometimes he’s waiting for the hint from you!

Tip #4: Foster Relationships With Your Current Clients

The last tip, and perhaps the most important.

In my experience, clients book longer and longer dates when they feel comfortable and have a connection with you. You can help to build this connection by giving your best self to your clients, making sure you remember little things they say and do, follow up on how their weekend away was, send them a link to a restaurant you’d think they’d enjoy… You get the idea. Fostering these relationships and showing your clients that you value them is a sure-fire way to increase the time they wish to spend with you.




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