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Signs It’s Time To Raise Your Escort Rates

By Amelia P

Setting your escort rates can be a challenging process. How on earth do you figure out what dollar value to put on your time and service? It may take some trial and error to get your escort rates right to hit your goals. And, after all that, once you’ve reached your perfect rate schedule, things can still change.

If you intend to grow your business (and earn more money in the long run), you need to consistently review your escort rates. So, how do you know if it is time to raise your rates?

You’re Turning Down Bookings

You have more emails and texts than you can possibly reply to. Your schedule is jam-packed. Your laundry basket is overflowing. You feel like you never get a chance to stop and take a breath. 

If the demand is there, it’s time for a rate increase.

Raising your rates might mean you do the same amount of bookings (and therefore earn more $$), or it might mean you take fewer bookings but still earn the same amount as you did previously (more play, less work!)

Your Peers Charge Significantly More Than You

Look, I don’t like to think of other sex workers as competition. We are all individuals, and there is room for everyone in the industry. You don’t want to be completely obsessed with what your peers are charging because you’ll never have ALL the information about why their rates are the way they are. But occasional research into your peers’ rates can help to ensure you are not undercharging and that you remain competitive.

You’ve Tested Charging a Higher Escort Rate (& it worked!)

One way to test the waters is to quote a higher rate to a potential client. For example, trialling a higher rate while you’re on tour or for one specific package that you offer. Alternatively, you could also try raising rates for new clients while keeping your rates the same for existing clients for a period of time. If you do this and end up securing bookings at a higher rate, it may be time for a raise across the board.

The Cost of Business is Increasing

Has your rent gone up? Escort directory fees through the roof? Your escort rates should reflect the increases in your business costs so that you can remain profitable. Make sure you keep track of your business budget so that you can ensure your rates accurately reflect your expenses.

You Provide a Unique Service

Are you the only erotic masseuse in your city? Are there no other dommes in the area? Do you offer a special service that no other escorts nearby do?

If you provide a service that no one else can, it makes sense that it would come at a premium price. Start by exploring how your business is different from others in your area, then use that as a basis for requesting a higher rate.

Your Escort Rates Have Been Steady For 1 Year

Many business owners raise their rates once per year as a standard process. Hell, even my therapist does this! If it has been a year or longer since you increased your rates, you may want to evaluate where you stand in the market and see if a rate increase is in order.




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