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3 Things That Aren’t Necessary as a New Escort

By Amelia P

Starting out as an independent requires many things – resources, time, energy, patience, determination… And when you scroll through glossy escort directories, it can be easy to get caught up in everything you think you need to be successful.

So, I want you to ask yourself: Do you have an ACTUAL business, or do you have what LOOKS like a business?

The key difference: Are you actually MAKING money? Or, are you getting too caught up in the preparation, wanting to look polished and professional, but missing the one key principle that actually makes your business a business: MAKING MONEY?

If you feel like you’re getting caught up in the bells and whistles, here’s a quick list of 3 things you DON’T need to get started as a new independent escort.

#1 You Don’t Need a Custom Website

Seriously, you don’t.

I know that you’ve seen high-end companions with glossy websites, and you want to have the same professional web presence as they do. But, guess what? I can almost guarantee they didn’t start out with a custom website.

In fact, you don’t even need a website to get started. Just get those ads up and get going.

If you are hell-bent on having a website, there are platforms like Squarespace and WordPress that offer low-cost options with all the features you need. It’s time to let done be better than perfect. You can build the look and feel of your business as you go.

#2 You Don’t Need a Full Suite of Services

When I started escorting, I remember being overwhelmed at all the services I saw other escorts offering. GFE, PSE, PSE XXX, dinner dates, overnights, weekends away… The list was never-ending.

I barely knew what half the terms meant, let alone how to provide the services. The idea of a 24-hour booking made my heart race (and not in a good way!) I felt like I had to offer all of those things because everyone else did. If I didn’t provide them, I wouldn’t be successful, right? Wrong.

Start with what you know and what you’re comfortable with. If that’s 30-minute bookings, go for it! If that’s 2-hour PSE sessions, go for it! If that’s 4-hour GFE style dinner dates, go for it! Start simple, deliver it well, and build on it as you go.

#3 You Don’t Need a Wardrobe Full of Lingerie & Louboutin’s

Remember, we are selling services and time, not lingerie.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a luxurious lingerie set as much as the next escort. But, if you’re short on cash and you’re just starting out, don’t be fooled by the swaths of Agent Provocateur on Twitter. You can be a successful escort and make plenty of $$ without splashing out on lingerie.

As long as you are engaged with your clients and providing a valuable service, they won’t care what brand your lingerie is, trust me.




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