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What You Should Blog About As An Escort

By Amelia P

You’ve probably heard me rave about blogging before. You’ve probably read my blogs about blogging. I truly believe blogging connects you to your audience in a way that social media just CAN’T.

Blogging is a long-form style of communication that allows you to express yourself in a way that a character-limited Tweet never will. Blogging can shed light on your perspective, background and point of view. It can allow clients to get to know YOU. This is valuable as it can allow clients to feel as though they know you, and building that sort of close relationship is what leads to big-spending clients.

Not to mention, blogging is a killer way to bump up your SEO. The better your SEO, the less you’ll need those escort directories that look like they haven’t been updated since 1999. Imagine if you could get on the front page of Google when a client searches “Your city name” + “escort”. Believe me when I say blogging will help to get you there.

Despite all the AMAZING benefits of blogging, there seem to be very few sex workers who consistently use in blogging as a marketing tool. One of the MAIN issues is knowing what to write about. Writer’s block is SO real, and getting over that ‘stuck’ feeling can be super hard. So, I’m here to help.

These are things that you ACTUALLY need to be blogging about.

#1 Evergreen Content

Often when I see escorts blogging, they write about what’s been happening in their world lately – perhaps they give an update on their availability, or they talk about their recent vacation. There’s nothing wrong with these types of posts, and it’s usually where most people start because it’s the easiest. But I want to urge you to start brainstorming about what will be relevant for a LONG time.

Evergreen content is content that doesn’t go out of date. It’s content that will make sense a week from now, a month from now, or even in a year or two. This sort of content is GOLD because you can promote and reshare it, time and time again.

One thing to remember is that sharing something once is fine, but only a fraction of your audience sees and actually clicks through to it. If you’re sharing it in a variety of ways and in a variety of places, your odds of getting seen are WAY higher. That’s why evergreen content is so key because it allows you to talk about it anytime without feeling outdated.

When creating evergreen content, you want to avoid any seasonal or holiday references, current events or pop culture, any mention or dates, or any other details that might not age well. You want each piece of content to be able to stand on its own.

Some blog ideas for evergreen content for escorts:

  • Talk about your favourite type of booking;
  • Explain how clients can best prepare for a date with you;
  • Tell the story of how you chose your escort name.

#2 Searchable Content

The next thing you should focus on in your blogs is answering what people are searching for. Think about what clients might type into Google. Maybe they search “Dinner date escort in city name” or “Outcall independent escort in city name”. Have a play around with Google by typing a few keywords into the search bar and then scroll through what it auto-populates in the drop-down menu. You can pull so many blog post topic ideas from conducting keyword searches like this. Writing blog posts around these frequently searched topics will mean your website is flagged as more relevant by Google, and up the search results you go!

Some blog ideas for searchable content for escorts:

  • The Best Place for an Escort Dinner Date in [Your City Name];
  • Why I Love [Your City Name] Dinner Dates;
  • How to Book an Escort Outcall in [Your City Name];
  • What I Love About Being a Luxury Escort in [Your City Name].

You get the idea! The above titles might seem a bit cheesy, but I assure you that it’s vital that you hit those keywords for Google.

#3 Personal Content

The last thing you can incorporate into your blogging content calendar is the occasional personal post. These posts shouldn’t make up the majority of your blog because, let’s be honest, the chance of a client Google searching “Your name” + “Favourite books” or “Christmas holidays” is low. But it is important to pepper in personal posts to keep people connected to you and your brand. Show part of your life so clients can feel connected to you beyond your booking rates and FAQs. It’s important that clients feel as though they know you and can connect to you.

Some blog ideas for personal content for escorts:

  • A review of a favourite restaurant;
  • Talk about a recent trip;
  • Share some of your favourite lingerie;
  • Include a list of your recent reads or favourite TV shows.

If you can aim for once-weekly posts and stick to that consistently, you’ll get the benefits of blogging. You’ll boost your website’s SEO, improve your website visitor numbers (and therefore up your income!), and build a more personal relationship with clients through posts that allow them to feel connected with you.




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