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5 Easy Ways To Stay Sane & Consistent On Social Media

By Amelia P

You might have read my rants about Twitter before, but here’s a quick recap:

  • I believe escorts think Twitter is WAY more important than it really is;
  • I don’t think you need a Twitter account to make $$$ as an escort;
  • I believe many us forget that Twitter is marketing & end up comparing ourselves to an unachievable standard.

So, as you might have guessed, I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Twitter, or social media in general. I wouldn’t say I’m anti-Twitter, but I’m just… meh-Twitter.

As a sex worker who does mainly in-person bookings, I do not have a Twitter account for my escort persona (though I do have an account for the OE). I’ve vehemently tracked my escort income and found that having vs not having Twitter made 0 difference.

But that’s just me.

On the other end of the spectrum, I have friends who SWEAR by their Twitter accounts for marketing and drawing in clients. And I acknowledge that for online sex workers, social media is KEY.

But when we introduce social media in our lives, we can start to fall down the Twitter wormhole – you know, where you start watching a video a fellow escort has posted, and then 3 hours later you are watching videos of seals eating peanut butter, and you’re suddenly thinking WHERE DID MY DAY GO?! Often we open our phones and start scrolling without a second thought.

So, the question is: If you do want to engage with social media for work, how can you do consistently and mindfully?

Determine how much you want to post each week

Just like any task, it’s going to be SO much easier to achieve your social media goals if you actually know what you want to get done. Before you even log in to your apps, know how much you want to show up every week.

I’m not saying you have to do a full-on content creation calendar (though I would encourage it!), but at least set some parameters. Do you want to Tweet three selfies a week? More? Less? What about text posts? Updates about availability? Links to your website? What do you want to be posting, and how often?

Whatever it is, write it down OUTSIDE of the apps – in a notepad or a word doc. Whatever works for you. If you want to get serious, plan your posts OUTSIDE of the apps too – choose your pics, edit them and write your caption. Pre-planning will keep you from falling into unintentional scroll-holes, but it’ll also help you to focus on one task at a time.

Set a timer for engaging

This goes right alongside step 1 – decide how much you want to interact with social media and then set a timer for engaging. Yes, engaging with your audience is essential if you want to grow a following. But scrolling and falling into wormholes obviously isn’t serving you (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog!)

To stop myself from falling into the non-stop scroll, I like to set a timer for 15-20 minutes and mindfully engage. I comment, I reply to DMs, I might Tweet some random thoughts… But when the time is up, I log off for the day.

Take time off social media

It might sound counterintuitive if you want to build a following and become more consistent, but taking some time away from social media can benefit you in so many ways. You’ll find that you are LASER focused on other tasks without the distraction of social media – tasks that actually might grow your income more! Plus I always say to aim for longevity over short-term gain, and if you want to work long-term and not burn out, you need to TAKE BREAKS.

If you feel that your income relies heavily on social media and you’re worried that taking time out will impact your earnings, then try using a queueing app. You can preload posts to post to your feed while you’re having a day away from the screen!

Follow people that make you feel good

Remember when I said Twitter isn’t real life? I mean it. You have to remember that Twitter is MARKETING. When you interact with escorts and other sex workers on Twitter, you are interacting with personas, not real people. You are interacting with and seeing posts from manufactured marketing perfection, designed to catch clients’ eyes. This can make you feel crazy, less-than, imperfect, not good enough… The list goes on.

If following other sex workers on Twitter makes you feel crappy, then UNFOLLOW them. There is no point making yourself feel crappy by comparing yourself to a made-up persona’s life. If you don’t want to unfollow, you can always mute people so that their posts don’t show up in your feed.

Remember: Real life is offline

I KNOW it is hard when you feel like your income relies on your online presence. But I want you to remember that your real life is AWAY from the screen and away from your sex life persona. Plan your posts, interact for the time you feel is necessary to earn your income (and I challenge you to TRACK this to ensure you are getting a good $$ return on your time), and then STEP AWAY from the screen.

Ensure you are consistently doing things that are just for YOU – not for clients, not for a cute social media post, but for YOU. Allowing your real life to flourish will allow the online world to seem less scary, obtrusive and overwhelming.




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