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How To Boost Bookings When Business Is Slow

By Amelia P

There is a natural ebb and flow to sex work. There are busy weeks filled with back-to-back bookings followed by weeks where you’re lucky if you get a single text message. And sometimes it can feel like there’s no way of knowing why or how long it will be slow for.

It can be scary when it happens – it can induce that stomach-dropping feeling of dread. Especially if the downturn is due to something you don’t have power over, like say, SESTA FOSTA, Backpage disappearing overnight, Twitter deleting your account because you had a teeny bit of a nipple showing in your header pic, or a worldwide pandemic that means people can’t leave their houses.

As I said, it’s not always easy to predict WHAT might cause the ebbs and flows in your business. But I HAVE found that using slower periods in my business for intentional growth and maintenance to be one of the most powerful ways to get my business on the right path.

When business is slow, and your phone is dead, it’s SO easy to get caught in a rut, stay in your pajamas all day, and decide that you’re now old and decrepit and never going to get a booking again. But this is NOT the way to grow your business and get on the path of making more $$$.

If you’re going to be successful as a sex worker, you have to accept that there are ebbs and flows. You are not going to be booked out all day, every day. And trust me, you don’t to be. That’s a one-way road to burn out. You need to accept that as an independent business owner, your income will vary week to week (not sure how to manage that? Download my free guide). And instead of getting stuck in a rut when you have a quiet week, you need to be SMART and use that downtime to your advantage.

I have a few methods I use whenever I have slow periods so that I can work on growing my business and making more $$$.

Update Your Website

It’s easy to convince yourself that only your social media matters… But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: your website matters. It’s the only place on the internet that you have COMPLETE control over how you present yourself.

Taking the time to thoughtfully update your website is one of the best ways to attract your perfect clients. And it’s one of those things that falls further down the to-do list when you’re in the fast and furious rush between one hotel lobby and the next.

You want your website to be just as pretty and professional (or MORE SO) than your social media pages because that’s the place where clients will actually land to get in touch to make a booking. You don’t want them to be turned off by outdated photos or an availability calendar from three months ago. Take the time to make sure your website is a place that actually serves your clients, speaks to how you will improve their lives, gives them a taste of the experience of what a booking with you would be like, and provides clear and direct calls to action.

Updating your website might look like updating your rates, refreshing your availability, tweaking your About Me, refreshing your photos and headlines, and double-checking for any spelling mistakes.

Check Your Data

There are two ways to do business: one is to stab in the dark with marketing strategies, blindly hoping that one will work, and the other is using the DATA to point you in the right direction. We live in the age of information – there’s no need for stabbing in the dark here.

Dig into your data and look at what has caused dips in your advertising and website views. Did your clicks rise or drop when you uploaded a new photo set to your advertising profile? How did things go when you updated your About Me last? Are there specific pages on your website that perform better than others, and if so, what’s different about those pages? Where is the traffic to your website coming from? 

All these numbers will help you to understand what is driving the $$$ in your business. This way, you can double down on what has worked well and trash the things that aren’t working – no point in putting effort into something that doesn’t make you $$$.

Enhance The Booking Experience

I want you to employ a trusted friend to help you with this one. Get your friend to start on your Twitter or advertising profile, and get them to click through as though an interested client who would like to make a booking. Ask them to make notes as to where they navigate, or sit with them and watch along. Don’t say anything – just watch them go through the process, see what they gravitate towards, and how easy it is for them to find your contact details or follow your booking process.

The goal of this is to see how clear it is for someone else to figure out how to make a booking with you. Ultimately, you want to eliminate anything that is confusing and could lose a potential client along the way.

Think About The Client Experience

I’m going to make a big old presumption and presume that you track your income and bookings. With that presumption made, let’s look at your biggest spending clients. What is different about them compared to clients that you see for once-off bookings? Is there a common pattern in the TYPE or client? Is it the way that you interact with them? Do you do anything different for your bookings with them vs other clients? Could you use this to improve your relationships with other clients (and therefore improve your income)? Have you had any big-spending clients drop off recently, and if so, why do you think that was?

You may not even be aware of these things to start with, but it is SO important to analyse what has been successful and what hasn’t. Imagine if you could turn every client into a big-spender rather than a once-off. You have the power and the knowledge of all your previous bookings, and it’s crucial that you HARNESS this knowledge, rather than thinking big-spending clients open their wallets by chance.

The Big Picture

Let’s be honest, dry spells SUCK. I’ve been there (and will be there again) and I get it. It’s hard, and it can make you feel like crap. But like I said at the beginning of this post, it’s something you have to get used to if you’re going to be a sex worker. There are ebbs and flows in this business. You have to learn to work with a variable income and use those downturns to rest, recuperate and boost your business rather than getting stuck in a rut.




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