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Should You Talk Politics On Sex Work Twitter?

By Amelia P

Political awareness has become a part of the online world in recent years. You’ll see everyone from full-time activists to your Aunt Sally posting about their political views online. So, should you talk politics on sex work Twitter?

First, it’s important to acknowledge that there is privilege associated with this discussion. If you can openly share your political views online without fear of how it might impact your income, that’s great! … For you. And I hope that you continue to use your privilege for the greater good. But many sex workers are concerned about how sharing this information might impact their bottom line.

So, how does one balance the desire to share political opinions online with the pragmatic wish to make money?

Twitter blurs the line between public and private, the personal and professional. ESPECIALLY in the escort world. Clients often view our social media to get to know us better, so it can feel natural to share your opinions. But we are playing a part, a character, a persona who isn’t necessarily our true self. So, before you hit post, I want you to ask yourself (as you should with ALL social media posts), how does this fit in with your brand? And not only this, but how does it BENEFIT your brand?

If your answer is, “I don’t know” or “it doesn’t”, then take your finger off the post button and step away from your phone.

If you feel as though you’re being disingenuous by not using your platform to share your views, I want you to take a step back. At the end of the day, you’re running a business. And your goal for your business is (presumably) to make money. It’s OKAY for your desire to be financially stable to come first.

Refraining from sharing your political views on Twitter doesn’t mean your values aren’t important, or that you’re a terrible person for not using your platform. It simply means you’re a HUMAN BEING who lives in the world, and living in the world requires money. There are also MANY other ways to live congruently with your values that probably benefit the causes you are passionate about MORE than an unchecked rant on Twitter. Think: volunteering or donating a % of your income.

If you feel that Tweeting about your views WILL benefit your brand, then cool, go for it! I’ve definitely seen sex workers use their knowledge of politics and other topics to their advantage. Intelligent banter can definitely be a great marketing angle. But I still the key is using it as MARKETING rather than a platform to air your grievances.

If you want to bitch about how annoying the patriarchy is, look, I get it. But a 10-tweet angry rant thread will probably make you look unhinged rather than intelligent, and I struggle to see how using Twitter as your diary is EVER good marketing, whether your posts are political or otherwise. Creepo clients zone in on this behaviour, sense the vulnerability and lack of social support, and become vultures. So, do yourself a favour, pick up the phone and call a friend to have a whinge instead. This is good for your business AND your mental health. Remember: even if you are close with clients, they are NOT your friends and they do NOT have your best interests at heart like a good friend or close family member does.

So, let’s recap:

  • Before posting, ask yourself how this BENEFITS your brand and your bottom line $$$;
  • If it’s not going to benefit your brand, don’t hit post;
  • If you feel your political views benefit your brand, use it as a marketing tool – it’s not an opportunity to air your grievances;
  • Utilise friends for rants when needed.




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