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When You Should Retire From Sex Work

By Amelia P

The decision to retire from sex work isn’t an easy one.

When considering retiring from the industry, I think there are two essential things to keep in mind: the COST of sex work in your life, and the BENEFIT of sex work in your life.

When the costs of sex work outweigh the benefits in your life, it’s time to hang up the stilettos.

When you think about the cost of sex work in your life, you want to think about any negative implications or things that sex work takes away from you.

Some things that jump to my mind when I think of the costs of sex work are:

  • The stigma associated with it and the negative impact this can have on mental health;
  • The risk of possible legal ramifications;
  • The risk of people finding out and the costs that might have (e.g., if you have another job that might be impacted by public knowledge of your sex work);
  • Threats, stalking or intimidation by clients or people aware of your sex work;
  • Burn out;
  • Ongoing emotional labour;
  • The time it takes you to complete a booking;
  • The administration time associated with running your business;
  • Financial costs associated with running your business (e.g., incall rent, advertising, etc).

It is entirely possible that the costs of sex work in your life now are very different than when you started. Perhaps you’ve started a new career that means you are constantly worried about people at work finding out, or you are juggling three kids and a husband which means you have far less spare time, or perhaps you are more financially stable and taking the time out of your day to do a booking just doesn’t have the same pay off anymore. It could be anything.

In contrast, when you think about the benefits of sex work in your life, you want to think about any positive things sex work gives you. Some things that come to mind are:

  • The financial gain;
  • The flexible work hours and associated free time;
  • Ability to be your own boss;
  • The thrill or personal satisfaction (e.g., I have always found sex work and pretending to be another person to give me a certain type of ‘high’, similar to when I have performed or spoken in front of large groups of people);
  • Social outlet.

These are all just examples that come to my mind – your list might be totally different. I think it is so important that you get crystal clear on the costs and benefits for you so that you can make the best decision for YOU.

One of the hardest parts of thinking about retirement is admitting that your lifestyle and circumstances have changed. Whorephobia and stigma about sex work are so engrained in our society. Acknowledging that the costs of sex work outweigh the benefits for you can feel as though you are agreeing that sex work is bad or wrong.

I want to take a moment to encourage you to always make the best choices for YOU. It is okay to admit that sex work isn’t right for you at this particular time. It is okay to say that the costs outweigh the benefits for you. That does not mean sex work is bad or wrong, and it does not mean you are condemning the entire industry. It just means you are looking after yourself, just as you were when you decided to begin sex work.

You must make the best choice for you, and you alone.




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