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5 Tips For Brothel Intros

By Amelia P

To be honest, intros were the thing I hated most about working at brothels. I’ve always preferred private escorting preferable, as by the time I meet the client, they have already chosen to spend time with me. Convincing someone that they should book me while standing in front of them in my underwear? I found it awkward and embarrassing, and it took me a long time to get the hang of it.

Now, everywhere you work is going to have different rules (some more ridiculous than others). There might be rules about what you can wear, how long you can spend introducing yourself to each client, whether you can touch the client or not, and whether intros are done in private rooms or an open lounge – all that jazz. These are just tips I’ve gained from my experience, but you’ll need to alter them to fit YOU and your working environment.

Let’s go:

#1 Be Yourself

Look, I know it’s awkward. Especially when you’re new. But try to relax. If you feel awkward, say so! If you’re generally talkative and bubbly, channel that. If you’re a bit shy, embrace it and tell the client. You’ll hear otherwise, but in my experience, looks aren’t the most important thing. Personality always wins above all. So show yours to clients! Make them feel as though you’re ~real and genuine~ and you’re sure to nab a booking.


Is there anything more annoying than being told to smile? Probably not.  Nevertheless, you’re at work. And not just that, you’re at work at a brothel. And unfortunately, we live in a world swirling with narratives about unhappy sex workers who are trapped in their jobs and blah blah blah. To make clients feel comfortable booking you, you need to act like you’re thrilled to be there and spend time with them, even if you’d rather be curled up in bed with your furry children watching Netflix.

Clients aren’t there to experience your crappy mood because you have bills due and your car just broke down – they want to feel as though you are genuinely pleased to be spending time with them. So, in the absence of pure joy, fake it till you make it!

#3 Ask About Them

Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves? Clients are no exception.

Now, intros are generally fairly short, so you probably won’t have time to ask their life story and every sort of sexual preference they have. But you can ask how they are, if they’ve come from work, if they are having a nice evening, if there’s anything in particular they are looking for today, etc etc etc. Make them feel attended to and important – they love it.

#4 Think About Your Outfit

Looks aren’t everything, but they do matter. I don’t think you need to spend a bunch of cash to look good in an intro, but you do need to think about what potential clients like. How can you highlight your best features? What outfits do you get the most compliments on? What outfits do you get booked most in? This is work, not personal life, so dress for your clients rather than for yourself.

#5 The Power Of Touch

I’m not saying you need to jump his bones in the intro room or do anything inappropriate. But a handshake with a lingering gaze or a flirty hand on his upper arm as you leave the room can work wonders in him feeling special and remembering you.




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