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3 Rookie Mistakes Nearly Every New Sex Worker Makes

By Amelia P

Nobody is immune to rookie mistakes as a new sex worker.

I certainly wasn’t.

I rocked up to my first brothel ‘interview’ in the most embarrassing outfit. I’ve forgotten to take condoms to outcalls. I’ve accidentally posted my personal phone number on an escort advertisement. I’ve forgotten the time of a booking and showed up an hour (or a week!) too early.

Been there, done that.

We’re all going to misstep at some point. It’s impossible to not make mistakes. Especially when you’re learning. But some mistakes are bigger than others.

The good news? I’ve made all these mistakes before. Let me help you prevent them from happening, and then learn what to do when they happen anyway.

Rookie Mistake #1: Oversharing

When you begin sex work, it can be a really exciting and enticing world. The sex work world can really suck you in (and spit you back out). And if no one in your ‘regular’ life knows about your sex work, the sex work world can become even more exhilarating. Couple this with feeling isolated from your everyday world and you can start to overshare with clients.

But you have to remember that this isn’t the real world.

Sex work is a business, and escort personas are carefully constructed fantasies.

Oversharing – whether it’s in-person with clients or using Twitter as your personal diary – is bad for business. Sure, clients want to believe that you are genuine and candid and real and all that crap. But to succeed as a sex worker and have longevity in the industry, I think you need to be professional. Yes, you can show elements of yourself, but blurting out every moment of your day-to-day life on Twitter and having no boundaries will destroy you. It’s important to keep parts of yourself for you. Oversharing isn’t just bad for your business, it’s bad for your mental health.

Rookie Mistake #2: Spending Money On Stupid Sh*t

When the money is raining in, it can feel like it’s bottomless. I remember holding the earnings of my first brothel shift in my hands, and it was more money than I had ever had in the world. And I started spending.

I bought jewellery and designer bags. I rented a gorgeous new apartment with a killer city view for more money than I care to admit. I had fancy photoshoots and beautiful new furniture. And I fit right in as a ~luxury escort~. I felt like I had it all.

But I didn’t.

My bank account balance was frequently $0 (or less than $0…)

But at least I looked cool on Twitter, right?


Spending money you don’t have on stupid sh*t is, well, stupid.

All the red bottomed shoes in the world won’t make you happy unless other parts of your life are fulfilled.

And money from sex work is unpredictable, so you need to PLAN.

Don’t know how? Click here.

Rookie Mistake #3: Trying To Impress Clients

This goes part and parcel with mistake #2. Sure, clients need to be slightly impressed by you to book you. But hear me out: what I’m talking about is shaping your life to impress your clients.

I want you to remember to be you.

If you don’t give a crap about red bottom shoes or fine dining or $3000 bags, then don’t. You don’t need to change who you are to get clients. There is a market for everything, trust me. You might be your escort persona 20% or 30% or 50% of your week, but the rest of the time you have to be you. So don’t lose your true self in the race to make a few bucks.




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