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The Escort Hotel Room Workout

By Amelia P

We’ve all been there, stuck in a hotel room on tour, not wanting to leave in case we get a last-minute booking and slowly losing our minds.

When you first start touring, hotels can seem fun. You book a giant suite, you order a $50 steak on room service, you wear the fluffy robe, you laze on the bed watching Netflix looking at the city view while drinking the rest of the bottle of champagne after a client has left… You feel like you’re living the high life.

But, after a while, the glamour wears off. You stop booking the giant suites and ordering the overpriced steaks, because it cuts into your profit margin (and honestly, who wants to spend a gazillion dollars on a hotel room for work when you could spend it on a relaxing weekend away for yourself?) Suddenly drinking the leftover dregs of champagne doesn’t seem fun anymore. You’re goddamn sick of eating junk food on Uber Eats every night.

Living the high life can be fun, but drinking champagne 24/7, eating junk food and never leaving the confines of your hotel room can drive you a little cray cray. If you want to earn the big bucks long term, you have to implement strategies to help keep yourself healthy, sane and in a routine, especially when you’re on tour.

One way to implement a bit of normality while on tour is to keep up your exercise routine. This doesn’t mean you have to bust out a crossfit workout every morning. But it does mean you should try to move your body every day (and no, 2 minutes of cowgirl doesn’t count!)

Here are the ways I keep my body moving while on tour:

#1 Take A Walk


When I’m at home, I usually like to take a walk in the late afternoon to unwind after a busy day. Obviously, this isn’t always possible on tour – bookings take precedence and clients seem to love a 5pm after-work booking.

Instead, when I’m on tour, I like to take an early morning walk to grab a coffee. This gets me up and out of bed, appropriately caffeinated before I have to deal with any men, and gets my body moving. Extra points if my incall is close to a river or beach.

#2 Go For A Swim

If the hotel has a pool, I’m there. There’s nothing more cleansing than jumping in a pool and hitting the sauna after a day of clients. It resets my mind, body and makes me feel human again. Always pack a bikini!

#3 Hit The Gym

If your hotel has a gym, use it! This also means your close to your room, so you can still take a last-minute booking if it pops up. If I’m feeling super unmotivated and lazy, I like to pop some Netflix up on my phone and watch it while I’m on the bike or treadmill.

#4 Do An Online Workout

I use these at home – not just on tour. And, one good thing about COVID-19 is that the choice of online workouts has EXPLODED. You can find endless exercises to do in small spaces with no equipment. If you want to turn up the heat, you can buy some resistance bands and sliders to add to your workout – they are cheap and take up hardly any space in your luggage.

My favourite online workouts:




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