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How I Balance Sex Work with Full-Time University

By Amelia P

Over the years, I’ve balanced sex work with being a student, as well as having other jobs and volunteer roles. I am currently studying full-time at the post-graduate level. And while sex work is great because the pay-per-hour is ridiculously high compared to a job like waitressing, it can also become overwhelming very quickly.

As a private sex worker, I am in control of everything about my business: my enquiries, the hours I work, the rates I charge and the services I offer. For me, these are positives, but if not managed properly, they can quickly become negatives. All of a sudden, you can find yourself answering your phone at midnight, taking a 2am booking and missing your 8am lecture. You can have client emails piling up in your inbox to the point that it gives you anxiety. And you can spend days waiting for a booking because you need to make money, but neglecting that assignment that’s due on Monday.

If you want to successfully manage as an independent escort and a full-time university student, you need to be ORGANISED and learn how to PRIORITISE.

Here’s how:

#1 Set Boundaries

You NEED to have boundaries and feel comfortable saying no to clients. Sit down and figure out a budget, so you know how much money you need to make each week. Write out your schedule, including time for exercise, enough sleep and spending time with your loved ones. Realistically, when can you work? How many bookings can you take each week? Does this match up with your budget? If not, how are you going to make it work?

To allow yourself the time to study and attend classes (and sleep, exercise and socialise), you need to set some clear boundaries with yourself (and your clients) . Maybe you only take bookings on weekdays or only on weekends. Perhaps you don’t take bookings later than 8pm so you can wake up early for class. Whatever works for you. But make sure you say NO to requests outside of those times.

 I know it is tempting to accept any enquiry, especially if you are strapped for cash and don’t know where your next booking is coming from. But if you don’t set some limits, your life is going to end up a hot, chaotic mess, and you are going to be BURNT OUT and unable to do ANY of the things you need to do. Aim for long-term stability over short-term cash.

#2 Use Your Time Productively

If you have a free day, don’t spend your time scrolling Twitter in the hope of getting a booking or playing the comparison game. Instead, use your time effectively. Switch your ‘Available Now’ on, get the eff off Twitter, and use your spare time to smash out that assignment. Escorting gives you extra time, so USE IT.

#3 Don’t Miss Lectures and Tutorials

I know it can be tempting to say yes to that booking rather than attending a boring lecture about statistics, but the more classes you skip, the further behind you will be. Again, this is about BOUNDARIES. Be fiercely protective of your time – remember, you are aiming to stability and longevity over making a quick buck.

#4 Use Your Holidays to Make $$

The thing I miss most about undergrad is the gloriously long summer break. If you’re lucky enough to have mid-semester and end-of-semester breaks, USE THEM. Use all that extra time to take additional bookings or to tour, and pad out your savings account, so that you can stress less during the semester.




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