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How I Prepare For An Escort Client

By Amelia P

I’ve been asked this question a lot – it’s in my Twitter DMs, it’s in my Instagram comments, and it’s in my email inbox. Now, I don’t mind sharing, But I want to tell you now that my pre-booking routine is nothing groundbreaking.

When I started sex work, I would take hours to prepare. Before my shift, I would watch a TV show or movie to get me in the right headspace. I would apply my makeup with meticulous care, finishing the look with false eyelashes and red lipstick while playing music to hype myself up. I would shave and wax and pluck and exfoliate and moisturise to ensure there was no hair out of place, no patch of dry skin.

These days, my preparation is a lot more haphazard. I can get my incall ready within a few minutes. I wear minimal makeup. And I’ve realised that I make more money from my personality than from having perfectly shaved legs. In the early days, I think a lot of my pre-booking rituals were around getting myself in the right mindset, switching into my sex work persona. These days, I seem to be able to switch with the click of my fingers.


My booking is in an hour. I have just gotten home from a long day university, and I’m TIRED. I consider cancelling, but then I tell myself to toughen up. It’s one hour – I’ve got this. I quickly eat a museli bar while I do a once over of my work room – bed is made, condoms and lube are on my bedside table, a glass of water on the other side for the client, fresh towels and toiletries laid out in the bathroom, toilet is clean, minimal pet hair on the carpet, lights dimmed, aircon on… I think we’re good to go.


I remove my makeup with micellar water, and then jump in the shower, quickly washing my body and face. I’ve had laser hair removal, so I rarely need to shave. Out of the shower, I moisturise my face and body and apply deodorant. I always keep my makeup simple: tinted moisturiser, concealer, blush, a little highlighter in the corners of my eyes and on my cheekbones, mascara and a tinted lip gloss.


With my makeup done, I pull my hair out of its greasy ponytail (gross, but true) and spray my roots with dry shampoo. In an ideal world, I’d have freshly washed hair, but this is the real world, and I don’t have time. The dry shampoo does its job, and I use the smoothing brush on my Dyson Airwrap to smooth out any kinks in my hair. It looks acceptable, and with dimmed lights, I think I can get away with it.


I pick out a simple lingerie set – a thong and a bra – and slip a form-fitting black dress over the top. I always answer the door wearing a full outfit for incalls – I don’t know why, but I feel weird meeting someone for the first time just wearing my underwear! I slip on some patent black stilettos, a pair of statement earrings and my watch (I am lost in bookings without my watch). I do a quick spritz of perfume, and I’m ready to go. I check my phone and wait for my client to text that he’s arrived.

Seriously, it’s that simple. And this is an ideal scenario. More often than not, I have less than an hour to get ready, and I’m eating a snack in the shower while scrubbing my makeup off. My point is that you don’t need a professional hairstylist and complicated lingerie sets with 87 different straps to make money as an escort. I like to keep it simple so that I have more time and money for other things!




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