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How Blogging Will Increase Your Escorting Income

By Amelia P

I know what you’re thinking…

Really? Blogging? Isn’t that so 2010?


Really? Blogging? How do you expect me to have time to blog in between studying and working and taking 87 selfies a day for social media and doing 29 loads of laundry and Tweeting and replying to enquiries and figuring out if advertising websites have introduced some new bizarre rule about the photos I’m not allowed to upload? You want me to write blog posts AS WELL? Are you crazy?

Look, I get it. Running your business as a sex worker takes a lot more effort than meets the eye. The media led me to believe I’d be sipping champagne in my lingerie all day. Yet, here I am talking about marketing strategies. It’s disappointing, for sure.

But I want you to know that blogging is KEY to increasing your escorting income.

Right now, I want you to Google’ escort in *Your City*’ and see what comes up. My guess is that you find a bunch of escort directories. As escorts, our incomes are often tied to these directories. And more often than not, these directories suck. They have weird rules about what’s allowed and what’s not allowed, they have terrible customer service, you can’t even find yourself in the sea of ads, and they charge 10 zillion dollars but never seem to have the correct information on your profile… And yet we keep giving them our money, because when clients google ‘escort in *Your City*’ these directories are what comes up.

But what if there was another way?

What if you could get YOUR escort website on the first page of Google?

What if you could get client enquiries DIRECTLY from Google, rather than paying for an ad on a dysfunctional and problematic escort directory that looks like it was designed in 1999? 

Blogging helps boost your SEO by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your clients’ searches.

What on earth is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. When you upload new content to your website (like a blog post), search engines scan this content to understand what your site is about. This helps search engines like Google deliver more relevant results to people searching for specific keywords. The more often you upload content with specific keywords and phrases, the higher your website will rank higher in relevant search results.

Now, what is one way you can frequently upload content that includes specific keywords and phrases?


If you frequently upload blogs related to your brand, then your website will rank higher in relevant search results (think ‘Why You Should Book a London Escort’ or ‘A New York Escort’s Dinner Date Recommendations’). And when your website starts to rank higher in Google results, you start to get client enquiries without paying a zillion dollars for ads, and all of a sudden you no longer need that escorting directory with the graphic design from 1999.

Besides attracting clients to your site with your specific content, once your potential clients are there, you are also able to control your clients’ experience better than anywhere else online. There are no flashing pictures of other escorts vying for their attention. What journey do you want to take them on? What do you want them to feel as they visit your site? How do you want to connect with them beyond the post they are currently reading? You get to be in charge of the user experience and how someone interacts with your brand.

These are all things you can control on your own website that you can’t control on advertising directories or social media. Plus, in the world of SESTA-FOSTA, you never know when an escort directory is going to disappear (RIP Backpage). Blogging builds YOUR web presence and YOUR business, rather than relying on the presence of an escort directory.

The most important thing is REGULARLY posting NEW CONTENT that includes RELEVANT KEYWORDS so that search engines know to scan your site and boost you up in those search results. The platform itself doesn’t matter too much. Popular blogging platforms include WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and Blogger. Pick something that is EASY to use and that integrates with your current website.

Post Ideas

Don’t know where to start? I’ve compiled some simple posts for you to start with.

  • 10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me
  • Why I Love Being a *Your City* Escort
  • How I Became a *Your City* Escort
  • Behind the Scenes – Beyond My Life as a *Your City* Escort
  • Why You Should Try *Your Favourite Service*
  • My Go-To Restaurant for Dinner Dates in *Your City*

Blogging can be intimidating to start with, especially if you’re not a natural writer, but it pays off in so many different ways. Not only can this content serve your audience (by providing information and encouraging that on-the-fence client to make a booking), but it can be CHEAPER than spending hundreds of dollars on escort advertising directories.




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