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How I Doubled My Escorting Income

By Amelia P

My income had been the same for years. Week in, week out, I would consistently earn the same amount of money. Was this bad? No, of course not. It was awesome that I was always hitting my goal amount. My bills were covered, my savings account was growing, and I had plenty of money for fun, discretionary spending.

The only problem was, I had no idea where my weekly goal amount had come from. I had been using the same amount for a few years.

Presumably, at some point, I sat down and did some calculations of how much money I needed to cover my expenses, plus a little extra, and came up with that figure. But I didn’t review the number for YEARS.

Why? I have no idea. I guess I was consistently hitting my goal, so it seemed like a reasonable amount. I was chugging along and doing well. I never thought to question it.

But then, at the end of last year, I had a significant financial goal to hit. Circumstances in my life meant that I needed to save a massive amount in a short amount of time. So, I sat down and reviewed my finances. To hit this big financial goal in the time I had, I would have to earn TWICE my usual amount.

The thought of this scared me. It was such a massive amount. Surely I couldn’t do it. But, I identified my goal, and then I used the exact worksheet in my free ‘How To Hit Your $$ Goals’ guide to map out how I was going to achieve it.

And guess what?

I smashed it. I earnt OVER and ABOVE my NEW weekly earnings goal and have continued to do so. I hit that big financial goal with record speed, and then I thought, why stop? 

I had been LIMITING myself for the past couple of years. I felt stuck, and as though my earnings never changed. I had increased my rates, but my earnings stayed the same.

It was because I had set that weekly earnings goal and NEVER revised it. I got STUCK on that number, and once I hit that goal each week, I thought, “Oh, I’m done for the week! Now I can relax.” I would get lazy and make excuses as to why I shouldn’t take extra bookings. Why work harder than I needed to, right?

Once I REMOVED the block of my old goal and allowed myself to THRIVE, I hit new highs that I didn’t even know were possible. This is the power of effective goal setting.

Goal setting is vital because it helps you to decide and focus on what’s really important to you. Setting my NEW weekly earnings goal gave me something to focus on. It allowed me to overcome procrastination and visualise the outcome of applying myself and taking bookings, even when I didn’t feel like it.

Setting this new goal helped me to grow and expand, pushing myself to transform in a way that I didn’t know was possible before.

A lot of the time, people think they understand how to set goals, but then they never quite achieve what they are after. One common reason is that their goals aren’t clear enough.

For example, you can set the goal: “I want to feel financially stable”. But what does that MEAN? What is financial stability for you? How much money would you need to have in your bank account to feel stable, and by when?

A better goal is: “I want to have $X in my bank account by XX/XX/XXX.”

You’re much more likely to put time and energy into something if the outcome is clear and measurable.

Once you have your goal, it’s time to plan how you’re going to achieve it. If you haven’t already, click here to download my free ‘How To Hit Your $$ Goals’ workbook. The workbook contains a free worksheet that will help you plan out how to achieve your financial goals as a sex worker. Go get it!

Photo by Unsplash.

Disclaimer: I cannot, and do not, speak for all sex workers. I speak from my experience of working in a legal brothel and as an independent escort in Australia. Where possible I try to be inclusive. However, I can’t relay every experience of sex work – especially if I haven’t experienced it myself. This blog is for entertainment purposes only.




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