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5 Ways To Spot A Timewaster

By Amelia P

There’s nothing more frustrating than a day of un-enquiries. Message after message of incomplete requests and ridiculous questions can leave you feeling insaneeeeee. But, before you get so angry at incessant timewasters that you throw your expensive iPhone at a wall and break it, I want you to take a deep breath!

I’ve got YEARS of experience of weeding out timewasters from legitimate clients. Today I’m going to share some of my hints for spotting timewasters with you, so you can hit that block button rather than wrecking your phone.

Hint #1: He Fails To Provide Relevant Details

You know the type of message I’m talking about: “U avail?” or “Free now?” Okay, so sometimes they are more subtle than this. But please, spare me your male tears. It is NOT that difficult to write a complete sentence.

If I get an incomplete message, it sets off my spidey senses. But, I do like to give *most* enquiries the benefit of the doubt. There is a chance that the client’s first language isn’t English, or that he’s never contacted an escort before, so he isn’t 100% sure what to say. This is a fine line, and you’ll get more confident in deciphering between those who are wasting your time and those who are legitimately unsure but have good intentions.

At this stage, I generally will reply to the client’s message and ask him to provide further details. But I’ll be on alert, should there be any other signs of timewasting.

If he STILL fails to provide further details after I’ve asked, then I will put him in the category of a timewaster and no longer engage. Anyone who is legitimately unsure of how to interact (but has good intentions) will provide details when asked.

Hint #2: He Asks Too Many Questions

So, you’ve got your booking locked in – you’ve agreed on a time, location and length, and you’ve let your client know that you’ll text him on the day to confirm. You smile to yourself at the smooth exchange and consider the income already in your pocket. But then, out of nowhere, he asks, “What services do you provide?” or “Can we shower together?”

Spidey senses alert! Any reasonable person will ask these questions BEFORE they lock in a booking. Asking questions like this AFTER all the administrative chat is a classic timewaster tactic

If this happens (and I don’t have a deposit), I will answer the client’s question and follow up with, “Would you like to proceed with the booking?” 99% of the time, the answer is “no”. By asking rather than assuming you will save yourself a WHOLE lot of trouble (and avoid cancellations and no-shows).

Hint #3: He Asks For Selfies

It’s the 21st century, and escorts have gazillions of high-definition photos on their advertisements. If a dude asks you for a selfie, he is wasting your time. I don’t send selfies on principle, because it doesn’t prove ANYTHING. Even if my photos were fake, I could just as easily send a fake selfie. I say this to any client who asks for a selfie.

Hint #4: He Dangles Carrots

“I’m looking to become a regular…”

“I’d like to book an overnight in the future, but first…”

 “I was thinking of booking next month…”

Do you know what people who want to become regular clients do? They make a booking, and then they make another, and another, and then they are a regular. They don’t talk about becoming a regular. They just do it.

Hint #5: He Refuses To Pay A Deposit

If all your other methods of weeding out a timewaster fail, and your spidey senses are still tingling, then ask for a deposit. If he refuses, it’s time for you to hit that block button (though it is worth considering whether you are asking for a deposit in the right way – it does make a difference).

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