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5 Productivity Tips For Sex Work Admin

By Amelia P

I think the most disappointing part of sex work is realising how little time you spend doing sexy things and how much time you spend doing boring things. I became a sex worker to get paid for sex, not to spend hours calculating my tax liability and doing never-ending piles of laundry, you know?

Admin is the part of sex work most of us procrastinate and avoid doing because well, it’s boring. So, here are my top 5 tips for getting the boring stuff done.

#1 Use A Pomodoro Timer

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. When I’m avoiding admin (whether it’s doing laundry or answering emails), I like to set a Pomodoro timer to get myself started. I use the Tide app, which uses a 25-minute ‘work’ timer and a 5-minute ‘break’ timer (though you can set it to whatever time intervals you like). Once you hit start, you work until the timer beeps for your 5-minute break.

You will be blown away by how much you can get done in 25 minutes. Often when the 25 minutes is up, I’m so focused and motivated that I keep working through the 5-minute break.

#2 The 5 Minute Rule

If 25 minutes seems like way too much, scrap that. Instead, open the timer app on your phone and set yourself a 5-minute timer. Promise yourself that you’ll complete whatever the task is (e.g., folding towels, replying to tweets, etc.) for the entire 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes is up, you are free to stop and go do something else if you want. But you might feel motivated to keep working after the 5 minutes is up. If not, you’ll feel good for getting something done.

#3 Do A Bit Each Day

Admin tasks can feel overwhelming when you leave them for too long and they start to build up. Replying to 100 text messages is way more daunting than responding to 10. So, try not to leave your admin tasks for too long. Even if you apply the 5-minute rule each day, you’ll be more on top of things.

#4 Limit Social Media Time

We’ve all been sucked into the social media vortex, only to look up and realise we’ve wasted an entire day doing a whole lot of nothing. Lots of sex workers use Twitter for work, but then spend an excessive amount of time scrolling through their feeds and feel burnt out before they have even earnt any money for the day. No wonder admin tasks don’t get done!

My advice is to limit your social media time, ESPECIALLY on your work profiles. Instead of allowing yourself to scroll endlessly, set that Pomodoro timer each day and use the 25 minutes to reply and interact with potential clients online. Then, sign out of the platforms and step away from your phone/computer/whatever.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to consider how necessary social media profiles are for your business. Can you directly attribute your bookings to your social media profiles? What happens if you stop using social media? Do your earnings decrease, or does it not make a difference? Study this carefully, because these platforms can be a massive time-suck (and mental health-suck). Evaluate how your work social media use impacts your business, and if the effort is really worth it.

#5 Pair Boring Tasks With Interesting Content

I like to pair my most boring tasks (i.e., folding towels) with interesting and exciting content. For example, I’ll play my favourite podcast while I’m cleaning my workroom or watch a YouTube video while I’m organising my receipts. This trick always saves me from the post-incall slump (you know, where you lay down naked after a booking and can’t be bothered to clean anything up, so you end up wasting WAY too much of your own day).





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