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4 Ways To Update Your Escort Website Today

By Amelia P

The modern escort has three main opportunities to connect with potential clients:

  1. Advertising directories
  2. Social media
  3. Personal website.

Advertising directories and social media should be the handshake and invitation to continue the conversation somewhere else… And that somewhere else is your website.

When is the last time you gave your website the love and attention it deserves? It’s the place we have the most control over our content and user experience, and yet it’s often overlooked and neglected.

Personal websites are especially important in the sex industry. Yes, advertising directories are great, and they can bring you mountains of work. But what happens if the directories disappear?

As sex workers, we know this reality far too well. I only need to say the words ‘SESTA-FOSTA’ for you to cringe and remember the downfall of Backpage.

You NEED a place for clients to find you, no matter what else is going on. So, if you don’t have your own website, now is the time to get cracking.

Today I want to share with you four ways you can update your website that will make the most significant impact in converting visitors to actual paying clients.

#1 Give It A Facelift

Sometimes we ignore our websites because it seems like a hugely daunting task. We overcomplicate things and never get to it because it seems too overwhelming. Instead, let’s spend some time making small tweaks that can make a big impact.

First step: update those images. If you haven’t uploaded your latest photoshoot pics yet, now is the time. This simple step can make things feel fresher and up-to-date right away. Don’t just update your gallery – also change up any images on other pages on your site.

#2 Evaluate Your ‘Opt-In’ Process

Slapping your phone number in 10pt font at the bottom of your contact page is not good enough! If you want to be successful in converting someone into a client, you need to be in their face about it.

You DO NOT want a potential client to have to dig to find your contact information. Because you know what will happen? They will get bored, click the red X, and choose to contact one of the gazillion other escorts available.

At a minimum, your contact information needs to live:

  • Prominently on the homepage of your website;
  • On your About Me page;
  • In your header or footer;
  • Linked on social media pages;
  • In calls to action within blog posts;
  • Your email signature.

Ask someone who is not familiar with your website to see how easy it is for them to find your contact information. Take their feedback and make adjustments until it is a seamless process.

#3 Update The #1 Visited Page

Check your analytics and see which page people view most on your website. Often, it’s your About Me or Gallery page. How can you update these pages to entice visitors to become paying customers?

If your About Me is your most visited page, give your bio an update. Write as though you’re sitting next to your ideal client. Keep it light, use your own voice like you would speak to your clients and share who you are beyond the work that you do. DO NOT miss the opportunity for a call to action (e.g., “Click here to make a booking!” or “Text me now on X to start organising our date!”)

If your Gallery is your most visited page, MAKE USE OF IT. Don’t just slap your photos into a grid layout and be done. What information can you put on this page to communicate with clients? Again, don’t miss the opportunity for a call to action.

#4 Add Social Proof

Social proof demonstrates to clients that you are a REAL person who provides a REAL service that is worth paying for. Social proof can help drive people to make a decision to become paying customers. 

You can provide social proof in the form of:

  • Testimonials or reviews;
  • Praise from clients (e.g., text messages or emails);
  • References from other escorts;
  • Any media you have done (e.g., magazine shoots, interviews, porn, etc.);
  • Social media profiles;
  • Blogs.

I’m personally not big on reviews (you can read why here), so I don’t include them on my website. However, if you do want to add them, I recommend that you scatter them throughout your website (e.g., including a one-line quote under a picture on your Gallery page) rather than under a ‘Reviews’ page. Why? Because people might not bother to visit that individual page (again, make use of the pages people visit the MOST).

If you’re not a fan of reviews, there are plenty of other ways to demonstrate that you are a real person providing a valuable service. You might include a one-line quote from another escort you’ve worked with in your About Me, or invite visitors to follow your daily life on social media.

Weave all of these aspects into your website, so that a visitor can feel comfortable. Scattering these details will help impact conversions and clients choosing to book you.

Photo by Unsplash.

Disclaimer: I cannot, and do not, speak for all sex workers. I speak from my experience of working in a legal brothel and as an independent escort in Australia. Where possible I try to be inclusive. However, I can’t relay every experience of sex work – especially if I haven’t experienced it myself.

I use affiliate links for some products in my blogs. This is an easy way for me to track which products you enjoy. I do earn a (very) small commission from this, depending on the product. All products recommended to you are products I truly use and enjoy.




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