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How To Quickly Watermark Images For Free

By Amelia P

Watermarking is placing a logo or text over an image to identify the creator of that image.

In the sex industry, watermarking attempts to prevent image theft (i.e., someone else using your images as their own).

It’s important to remember that watermarking your images may REDUCE image theft, but it won’t necessarily eliminate it. If someone wants to steal your photos, they will find a way. They may crop your image to remove the watermark, or if they are savvy enough, use an editing program to erase the watermark entirely.

To give yourself the BEST possible chance of preventing image theft, you should always place your watermark:

  • Away from the edges of the image (to prevent it from being easily cropped out);
  • Over a part of the image that has multiple colours and textures (to make it more difficult to be edited out).

The image on the left shows poor watermark placement – the watermark can easily be cropped out as it’s on the edge of the image, or erased as the water is all one texture and colour. The image on the right shows proper watermark placement – the watermark is harder to remove as it is in the middle of the image and is placed over multiple colours and textures.

How To Watermark Your Photos

#1 Create A Logo

If you’ve already got a logo, you’re good to go!

If you haven’t, click here to learn how to create a unique logo in 5 quick steps.

 Make sure your logo is a PNG file with a transparent background.

#2 Open Water Marquee

Click here to head to the Water Marquee website.

#3 Open Image

Click on ‘Select Photos to Watermark’. Then select an image from your computer and click ‘Open’. 

#4 Insert Logo

Click ‘Add Logo’ on the toolbar at the bottom of the page. Select your PNG logo file and click ‘Open’. Click on the ‘100%’ under ‘Opacity’ in the ‘Logo Settings’ box. Then, click and drag the blue circle along the slider to adjust the Opacity around 50%. Lowering the opacity makes your logo more see-through, so it’s not as obvious and doesn’t ruin your image (while still protecting you from image theft). You may need the opacity to be slightly higher or lower depending on the colours in your image. 

Then, click and hold the mouse and drag the logo to your desired location. Remember, it’s best to watermark away from the edge of an image, and over multiple colours and textures.

#5 Save Image

Click ‘Save’ on the toolbar at the bottom of the page, and a new page will open. Click ‘Save’ under the image again. Your image will save to your Downloads folder.

Repeat for each image.

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Photo by Unsplash.

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