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A Real Day in the Life of an Escort

By Amelia P

As an escort, every day is different for me. I don’t have a set 9-5 schedule or a long commute to work. The flexible schedule and time to do things I love is one of the things that appeals to me most about sex work. This is a fairly typical day for me when I’m not at university or working at my day job.

6am: I wake up to my alarm. I’ve always been more of a morning person than a night owl – so much for being a lady of the night. I hang out in bed with my partner and our fur children while I wake up.

6.30am: I get up and make coffee and deliver a cup to my partner who is still waking up. I drink mine while I tidy up our apartment – I feed the fur children, load the dishwasher and put away any laundry hanging around (apartment living means there always seems to be a bit of wet clothing hanging in an odd place).

7am: I change into my gym clothes and walk to my pilates class.

8am: After pilates, I walk home, wash my face and do my skincare. I don’t shower yet because I have a booking in a few hours, and I try to avoid showering unnecessarily – being a sex worker means I already shower more than usual and boy does it dry out your skin.  I also take a few minutes to respond to client enquiries and send confirmation texts for my bookings today.

8.30am: I jump in the car and drive my partner to work, listening to a podcast on the way home. I’m obsessed with The Dream podcast at the moment.

9am: Back home, I give my sister a call while I make a smoothie for breakfast (she wasn’t too impressed with the blender sound in the background of our phone call).

9.45am: I turn on my computer and respond to some emails related to my day job. I also read through some university material and start to map out my schedule for the upcoming semester.

11.15am: It’s a bit early for lunch, but my first booking of the day will run through lunchtime, and I don’t want to be hangry. I heat some leftovers from the night before and eat half the bowl, leaving the rest for after my booking.

11.30am: I have a quick shower and do my hair and makeup for my booking. I usually do relatively natural-looking makeup that only takes a few minutes, and curl a few strands of my hair for a messy wavy look. I put on a cute black lacy bra and thong set, with my go-to dress over the top and wait for my client to text that he’s arrived.

12pm: My client buzzes on the intercom, and I let him into the building. The 90 minute booking goes smoothly. I’ve been seeing this client for about two years now, and he’s pleasant enough to spend time with, if a little sweaty. I’m always relieved when he leaves though, because he is VERY affectionate and I find it a bit full on.

1.30pm: As soon as my client leaves, I text my partner to let him know. Then I clean up my workroom, change the sheets, wipe down the bathroom and put out fresh towels for my next client. I quickly jump in the shower and freshen up my hair and makeup.

2pm: I eat the other half of my lunch, then I unpack the dishwasher, freshen up with some mouthwash (I don’t brush my teeth directly before a booking because it increases the risk of STI’s) and browse social media while I wait for my next client to arrive.

2.30pm: My client arrives right on schedule and follows my instructions for the intercom. I haven’t seen this client before. He seems a bit nervous but very polite. He booked 90 minutes as well, but orgasmed very quickly and was unable to go again. This isn’t a problem, but he wasn’t very talkative, which can make 90 minutes feel a lot longer. But he seemed happy enough and texted after he left to book again.

4pm: Again, as soon as the client leaves, I text my partner to let him know that everything went smoothly, and also ask him what time he thinks he’ll get home from work. Then I strip the bed and chuck a load of washing on. I have a quick shower, get changed and head out to grab some groceries for dinner.

5pm: I spend some time finalising my university schedule and enter all my upcoming commitments into my calendar. I also respond to any client enquiries I’ve received throughout the day.

6pm: I feed the fur children and start cooking dinner (salmon, kale and potatoes – one of my favourites).

7pm: My partner arrives home, and we sit down to eat while watching an episode of Suits (we are like four seasons behind, don’t ruin it for us!)

8pm: I jump in the shower to wash my hair and remove my makeup while my partner tidies up the kitchen after dinner.

8.30pm: I check my work phone one last time before turning it off for the evening. My partner and I both hop in bed with a cup of tea – I told you, I’m really not a lady of the night. I read for a couple of hours before falling asleep around 10.30pm.

Image by Unsplash.

Disclaimer: I cannot, and do not, speak for all sex workers. I speak from my experience of working in a legal brothel and as an independent escort in Australia. Where possible I try to be inclusive. However, I can’t relay every experience of sex work – especially if I haven’t experienced it myself.

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