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How To Reduce No Shows & Cancellations

By Amelia P

No shows and last-minute cancellations are the bane of the modern escort’s existence. I’m pretty sure men are 95% more likely to be in a car accident or have a grandparent die when they are on the way to see an escort. 

In the interest in keeping our clients’ grandparents out of hospital, here are the 5 steps I take to reduce no shows and last-minute cancellations.

#1 Never Assume

This is the number one mistake I used to make that would result in no shows. NEVER assume that the client wants to go ahead with the booking. Once you have agreed on a time, make sure you DOUBLE CHECK that the client wants to go ahead by asking, ”Would you like me to book that in for you?”

You’ll find that at this point often clients will hold off if they aren’t serious. If you didn’t double-check, you would have been left with a last-minute cancellation or a no show.

This is such a simple but crucial step that makes all the difference.

If the client asks you to ’pencil it in’ or hold the spot for him while he checks his schedule, make sure you reassert that you cant reserve a place in your calendar unless he is serious about the commitment. 

Don’t be concerned about losing clients by being firm – if a client is put off by this, they are a client who is likely to waste your time anyway.

#2 Take A Deposit

If deposits suit you and your business, they are an excellent method for preventing cancellations and no shows. And, at the very least, a deposit lessens the sting of a cancellation when it does happen.

After you have double-checked the booking length, day, time and location with the client (and never assume!), this is your window to ask for a deposit.

If you not yet comfortable asking for deposits, have a quick read of my foolproof method for getting clients to pay deposits.

#3 Confirm, Confirm, Confirm

You’ve double-checked the length, day, time and location with the client, and secured a deposit. Now, you need to let the client know when you will follow-up with them and confirm the booking. 

I let the client know I will contact them on the morning of the booking to provide my address (or confirm their hotel room number).

Some escorts ask the client to confirm the day-of. I prefer to confirm myself, so that I’m in control, rather than waiting for them to contact me. Either way, don’t leave it up in the air. Be clear about what you expect in terms of who will be confirming and at what time.

On the day of, I send a simple text asking them to confirm our meeting at X time, and I don’t send my address details until they have responded. This way I’m not sending my address unnecessarily. 

I’m in an apartment building, and at this point, I will send my building address only, NOT my apartment number. I ask the client to text upon arrival, at which point I will send them my apartment number. 

This also prevents clients who show up super early from being able to call me on the intercom until it’s their booking time  (sorry mate, I’m actually not ready 40 minutes before your booking. I’m probably still in my pyjamas…) 

#4 The 30 Minute Rule

If I am take a same-day booking and I don’t get a deposit, or if I get the vibe that the client is especially flakey, I will only give the client my suburb. Then, I will ask the client to text me 30 minutes before the booking time for my address. 

For me, 30-minutes is the perfect time to get ready (presuming I’m already at home, and my workroom is set up). So if I don’t hear from them at the 30-minute mark, I don’t start getting ready.

Adjust the timing as needed for as long as it takes you to get ready.

#5 Street Corners or Landmarks

Similar to only giving the building number rather than the apartment number, you can direct the client to a nearby street corner or landmark. Ask the client to call you once they have arrived, and get them to describe something in the environment (e.g., the colour of a house or the name of a store). 

This procedure confirms they are physically at the location before you verbally direct them to your building or house. 

I don’t use every one of these steps for every booking. I go with my gut feeling (developed over many years of escorting!) and pick and choose steps that I think will best screen each client. Through trial and error, you’ll find what works best for you and your business.


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