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My Escorting Capsule Wardrobe

By Amelia P

When I started sex work, I went wild buying lingerie. I had a wardrobe overflowing with uncomfortable, overpriced three-piece lingerie sets that I would wear once and never again. I would continuously buy new outfits for work, hoping that it would make me more money. 

Then I learnt that what makes me money is my service and my attitude, NOT my wardrobe. And while lingerie is tax-deductible, that money is better spent (or saved!) elsewhere. You DO NOT need a new Agent Provocateur set every month to make bank.

Now, I base my escorting wardrobe around elevated basics and effortless dressing. I do have some designer pieces in my closet, but I cherish that and do not regularly buy new things. I haven’t bought new lingerie in over a year, because I don’t need to! I love being able to get dressed quickly and feel confident stepping into a booking. 

Peruse my 15-piece escorting capsule wardrobe pieces and begin building your new wardrobe, effortlessly. 

 All items are linked at the end of the post.

#1 Black 2-Piece Lingerie Set (with briefs)

A simple sexy set that is quick to throw on. I like having a set that I can easily wear under most clothes, so I’m not fiddling around trying to find an outfit to go over the top for outcalls. My go-to for this type of lingerie set is Pleasure State. The exact set I have is no longer available for sale, but the Akiko Asahi set is similar. 

#2 Black 3-Piece Lingerie Set (with thong)

I like to have a 3-piece set on hand for clients who request something a little sexier. I generally don’t wear a suspender belt and stockings unless requested by a client (I live a hot climate and sweating in stockings isn’t cute). Dita Von Teese’s lingerie range is well-priced, easy to find instore and has matching suspenders for almost every set. I love the Madame X design. 

#3 White 2-Piece Lingerie Set

 A white set is also a must for layering under outcall outfits (a black bra looks terrible under a white top!) A nude or light pink set would also work well. I prefer lingerie that has a little bit of lace, without being too over the top. While I love out-there designs with straps all over the place, I find that they aren’t practical for layering. I enjoy having a minimal wardrobe, and out-there sets don’t layer with enough outfits to be worth purchasing for me. I have the Mimi Holliday Meringue set, which layers perfectly under outfits. 

 #4 Black Thigh-High Stockings

I keep a couple of pairs of stockings in my wardrobe, just in case a client requests them. However, they aren’t my favourite wardrobe item. Again, I love the LOOK of lingerie, but my goal is to make my job as easy as possible while making the most money, and for me, stockings aren’t necessary to achieve that. With that said, Levante is my favourite brand for stockings – well priced, don’t snag easily and feel beautiful. 

#4 Robe

 I like having a robe to pop on at the end of an incall so I can cover up until the client leaves. I always put my robe on as I ask the client if he would like to shower, to signal that the sexual part of the booking is over. I also like to carry a robe in my bag for longer outcall bookings, so I can still look cute without having to be naked the entire time. Homebodii makes gorgeous, affordable robes – I have the Olivia robe in light pink. 

#5 Little Black Dress

A little black dress is my go-to outfit for incall bookings. Again, I like something easy to slip on and off without zippers, a million buttons and straps everywhere. I look for a stretch-cotton jersey that is machine washable. Cotton also means I can wear the dress during the day without it looking too dressy. I’ve been wearing the same James Perse dress for incalls for a few years now (no shame!)  

#6 Skirt

I go for a neutral colour for easy layering. I match this with a relaxed t-shirt for a daytime look or sex it up with a lace cami and stilletos at night. 

#7 Trousers

Trousers are a must for me. I feel a lot more comfortable in pants, but it’s not always appropriate to wear jeans to a booking. The right dress pants can look VERY sexy while also being modest enough to ensure I could look like a client’s business colleague. My go-to brand for the sexy secretary look is Scanlan Theodore. I’ll warn you now; these pants aren’t cheap. But they are WORTH IT. I have had one pair for a few years and religiously wear them to outcalls. 

#8 Jeans

 Jeans are great for day bookings such as lunch or a casual dinner. I love wearing jeans with stilettos and a silk cami if I want to sex it up a bit, or a plain t-shirt and ankle boots if my client is relaxed and I want to look discreet. Nobody Denim is my favourite jeans brand. 

#9 Silk Cami

The silk cami is ESSENTIAL. So simple, so sexy, so easy to layer. And client’s LOVE when I wear this without a bra. Silk Laundry has gorgeous 100% silk camis at an affordable price. Just remember, don’t chuck silk clothing in the washing machine because you WILL wreck it. Hand wash or use a steamer. 

#10 Leather Jacket

 The perfect layering piece. Is there anything sexier than a leather jacket? Now, don’t get me wrong; leather is NOT cheap. But it LASTS. I’ve had my Moochi leather jacket for seven years now, and it still looks brand new. If you aren’t ready to splurge on real leather, there is faux-leather that looks just as good.

#11 Stilettos

 I religiously wear stilettos for incalls. I know Louboutins are all the rage with escorts, but they aren’t my thing. If you’ve ever tried Louboutins on you will know it’s like committing a crime on your feet – they are SO uncomfortable. And what’s the point of dropping a grand on shoes that you have to hobble around in? It’s just not for me.

For work, I like a heel that is 10cm (or under) so that they are easy to walk in. I also prefer a covered heel (opposed to a slingback), so that I can wear stockings if necessary. I currently wear the Nine West Tatiana heel in patent black. 

 #12 Block Heel

 Block heels are my go-to shoe for daytime social bookings and outcalls. I NEVER wear stilettos outside during the day – I think they look too dressy and I feel uncomfortable walking through a hotel lobby at 10am dressed to the nines. For outings, I prefer a black heel in a neutral colour, and it MUST have straps. I find straps so much easier to walk in. I currently wear the Nine West Plummy heel in tan. 

#13 Ankle Boot

 An essential for winter. I go for something with a pointed toe and a low block heel. I completely wore out my last pair and am currently on the hunt for the perfect pair for next season.

#14 Tote Bag

 A tote bag is a must for long outcalls or overnight bookings. I don’t like to take a suitcase or overnight bag – I prefer just to throw everything into a large tote. I currently have the Saint Laurent shopping bag in black. It is the PERFECT size to fit all my overnight gear into. Of course, there’s no need to spend this much money on a bag (and I certainly didn’t when I started sex work). Any large tote will do. 

#15 Cross Body Bag

I use a Celino Trio for short outcalls, and I LOVE it. I’ve raved about this bag on the blog before. It has three separate compartments which means I can easily separate my items during an outcall. I used one compartment for condoms and lube, on compartment for my wallet and keys and the other for my phone.


Photo by Unsplash.

Disclaimer: I cannot, and do not, speak for all sex workers. I speak from my experience of working in a legal brothel and as an independent escort in Australia. Where possible I try to be inclusive. However, I can’t relay every experience of sex work – especially if I haven’t experienced it myself.

I use affiliate links for some products in my blogs. This is an easy way for me to track which products you enjoy. I do earn a (very) small commission from this, depending on the product. All products recommended to you are products I truly use and enjoy.




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