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4 Quick Ways To Increase Your Escorting Enquiries Today

By Amelia P

Is your phone dead? Inbox empty? I get it. I’ve had those quiet weeks that feel twice as long as usual and always end in up sending a text to my work phone to make sure it’s not broken. Here are four quick steps (taken from my own experience) that you can use to increase your enquiries TODAY.

 #1: Add A ‘Call To Action’

This is marketing 101, but even multi-million dollar companies with massive marketing budgets can miss this, so don’t feel bad.

When a potential client is reading your profile or website, you want them to take action (e.g., enquire about a booking). So, TELL THEM. This is called what a ‘call to action’ is, and it’s a super-fast way to make your advertising more effective. If you don’t tell them what to do, you risk losing their attention while they attempt to find your contact details.

You need to tell the client clearly and succinctly what you want them to do. If you want them to fill out your booking form with screening information, use the words “To make a booking, please click here to fill out my booking form with your screen information.” If you want them to send you a text message, include your number then and there (don’t hide it away on a contact page where they won’t be able to find it!) Make it easy for the client to follow through.

#2: Implement The Five Ws

Yes, we are back in primary school – get ready to learn! Make sure your advertising profile covers the five Ws: WHO are you (and who is your ideal client), WHAT do you offer, WHERE and WHEN do you offer it and WHY. Spell it out for the potential client who is reading your profile so instantly know whether you are the right escort for them.

Now, the ‘why’ might not seem important, but I think this is the most essential part. This is what sets you apart from other escorts and draws potential clients in. This is a chance to tell your story (real or fake) and create a point of interest. Do you do sex work because you’re bored of your husband and you’re looking for a naughty dalliance on the side? Perhaps you’re an art student who loves freedom and craves connection over late-night cocktails? You get the idea. This is a chance to connect with your ideal client – don’t miss it.

#3: Address Your Client

I want you to imagine where your ideal client is while they are scrolling through your profile or website. Chances are, they are by themselves. So, don’t address them as though they are a crowd in a stadium (e.g., “Welcome gentlemen!” or “Hi boys!”) It makes you seem distant when your aim (presumably and depending on your brand) is to be seen as a trusted confidante. We’ve also talked about delicate man-egos on the blog a few times, and a crowd-like greeting might seem too impersonal for these clients.

As you write your advertising copy, think about your ideal client and how you would talk to them. Pretend you are in a one-on-one conversation with them, presenting information on what you’re offering. This will allow you to CONNECT and convert them from a reader to a client.

#4: Check Your Work

Before you hit publish, ALWAYS proofread your advertising copy. It’s so apparent that someone has rushed through writing their ‘About Me’ when there’s a blatant word missing or misspelled. A typo can significantly take away from the impact of a powerful bio. It might seem like it doesn’t matter, but if you want to be a professional, you need to act like a professional. If writing isn’t your strong suit, consider using software like Grammarly to do the hard yards for you.

Photo by Unsplash.

Disclaimer: I cannot, and do not, speak for all sex workers. I speak from my experience of working in a legal brothel and as an independent escort in Australia. Where possible I try to be inclusive. However, I can’t relay every experience of sex work – especially if I haven’t experienced it myself.

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